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Travelling in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka - Ceylon - Serendipity

This web site is dedicated to visitors of Sri Lanka. On this website you will find information and tips on how to best travel around, selected destinations, contact information and photos of our trip to give you an impression of what this country has to offer.

Sri Lanka also is also known as Ceylon, but what actually fits best is the former name of Serendib, which is related to serendipity, the "faculty of making happy and unexpected discoveries by accident". You will find out, that Sri Lanka is packed with awesome nature, beautiful, friendly people and cultural and culinary highlights!

After the tsunami disaster in December 2004, tourists are staying away from Sri Lanka, although the most beautiful regions of the country were not affected at all by the tsunami. Sri Lanka needs tourism now more than ever before and you can be sure, that a trip to Sri Lanka will be a very enjoyable experience you will not forget.

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